Sunday, October 31, 2010

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the impression i got from James Baldwin's essay "fifth avenue, it seems like black folk only stayed with communitties with other black folks. some how they were isolated because in some ways they wanted to be. in one part of the essay he talk's about how some people would leave their ghetto neiaborhoods to move to other respectable ghetto neiaborhoods. When i was reading this, it seems like that there is almost becoming a black america. the reason i say this because of james baldwins useage of the world respectable. i understand it as if the more "respectable" ghetto neiaghborhood in some sense is black upper class at that time.
so if they have their own type of upper class and lower class, wouldnt that make them their own sepreate society? the way that blacks in the south deal with opression there unqiue ways of using civil disobedance i think would not work in the north. if black people stop using buses and started walking and stay in white dinners only, i think there would be alot of unsolved murder case.i honestly think if they were to do things like that in the north, more people would get hurt, and i think there would be more laws that prevent black people from doing such and such,

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  1. Hmmm . . interesting but I don't think Baldwin would agree that the segregation he's describing is by choice - can you find some passages that would help you answer this question?