Monday, November 15, 2010

Post 6

the text i am researching or presenting on is on the song Why?(the King Of Love Is Dead), which is written by Gene Taylor and sunged by Nina Simone in 1968.
At this time african americans where being opressed in the south.Many people where finding ways of fighting this injustice in a non violent manor. People proteseted, people boycotted and people made public demostration.In this case they wrote and perfomed songs. The song is about the death of man who was preaching a message of love. The mostly talk's about the "what now".
the song really states question like? how will the country deal with the death of this person? Did he die for a good cause, or did his death have any impact at all? and the more obvious one, What will happen now that he is dead?
i think the perpous of this song is to catch people attentions, and making them aware of these very important questions. That must be answer in order to really see where the direction of the country is going to go.

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  1. Good start - keep following up with your sources and start writing your draft. Be sure to proofread carefully for spelling.