Monday, November 22, 2010

Street Art from my neighborhood

i am from Jackson heights, that starts from 74st to junction. Jackson heights is one of the neighborhoods with the highest achol poisoning victims in new york. That's is also because, there is a bar on every corner of the street. Besides bars the neighborhood is full of cell phone stores, foot lockers and modern Spanish merchant's.
ever since Ive was a small lad, i remember this big wall on the side of the street, the wall is connected to this store that for some reason is always changing, it is always changing that i cant remember what they were selling a couple of months ago. Just like the store changes so would the graffiti on the side of the store.People don't really pay no mind to the graffiti on the streets because; to them it is all the same. Graffiti was there when they first arrive to the neighborhood, and it will still be there when they leave the neighborhood.
i may not remember what they were selling in that store a month ago, but i do remember the graffiti piece last month. it was a tribute to the Aztec culture. The reason it was a tribute to the ancient Aztec culture is because; the neighborhood is mostly inhibited by Spanish people.This month apparently they have a comic book theme, where you have comic book characters fighting each other for control over the city. in advertisement of t-Mobil. The artist probably as paid to do and ad on the side of the store, but i find it int resting how this piece of art work makes me think of all these cell phone companies competing with each other to get the most customers.So in some sense i you can see as t-Mobil as the heroes and other companies as the villains fighting for New York.
i don't believe this ad is a piece of political art work, nor do i believe it is intend to be one. i believe this art is just meant to catch the attention of people as they walk by.Due to all the colorful images and the size of the piece i think it is a successful piece. Also because i was struggling to find public art and this piece caught my attention and saved my ass.

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  1. A good start - as I mentioned in class, be sure to revise, looking especially at spelling. Look at the questions on your handout to develop further into a response of 500 words.